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Arts Department Philosophy

The Tarbut V'Torah Visual and Performing Arts Department provides students the ability to marry ideas into action. Whether learning to dance, play music, make a film or a piece of visual art, the discipline of taking an idea to its artistic conclusion is paramount. Students are challenged at all skill levels through trial and error, collaboration, revision and execution. The most up to date technology and state of the art facility allows students exposure to what is being used by industry professionals. The skills learned through this process can be applied to all aspects of life.

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  • Grade 6

    Elective Wheel
    All students in sixth grade are enrolled in the Elective Wheel class, made up of four sections. Students rotate through Drama, Engineering, Music, and Visual Arts. Students in sixth grade are starting to define their own point of view and are ready to bring together the basic skills learned in earlier grades. Four teachers work together to provide developmentally appropriate lessons that are linked through the languages of the arts and science. Students are automatically rotated at the quarter mark. The Elective Wheel provides rich, interrelated arts and STEAM studies. This experience helps students develop creative expression and interpersonal communication. Improving self-confidence and increasing arts vocabulary, students enjoy an increasingly complex curriculum that enhances self-expression.
    Grade Level: 6
  • Grades 7-8

    This course is for students interested in learning film-acting, story structure, beginning screenwriting, and shot composition all as it pertains to making movies. Basic skills in acting and how to convey ideas and emotions through both spoken and body language will be taught. This course is also designed to provide those interested in learning to make their own films the tools necessary to do so. Students will take the acting and storytelling skills learned in class, will capture those performances on video, and will edit those performances in programs like IMovie to create watchable, funny, or poignant, vignettes.
    Grade Level: 7-8
    Garage Band
    The goal of this course is to create an ensemble of musicians/vocalists capable of performing contemporary popular music. Students should have some familiarity with "contemporary" popular music of both the U.S. and abroad, proficiency with a primary instrument, and in some cases the rudimentary learning of a secondary instrument and/or vocals. Proficiency on any instrument is acceptable and encouraged. Students will gain understanding of basic improvisation and how it relates to the song's chord changes and will learn and use the vocabulary of music criticism. Above all, students will learn to express and excel in their musical talents within an environment of an encouraging mentor.
    Grade Level: 7-8
    Visual Arts
    7th and 8th grade visual arts students continue to practice the basics of effective visual communication and to justify the artistic choices they make. Increased technical skills are demonstrated as students process and create art. Using the elements and principles of design, studying the work of famous artists, and identifying what they believe to be important to look for in works of art, 7-8 visual arts students will develop a series of related works to express a personal statement. Their ability to present a reasoned argument about the artistic value of a work of art can be applied to the works they create or the works of others.
    Grade Level: 7-8
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