Middle School Innovation Electives

Innovation Electives

Arts Department Philosophy

The Tarbut V'Torah Visual and Performing Arts Department provides students the ability to marry ideas into action. Whether learning to dance, play music, make a film or a piece of visual art, the discipline of taking an idea to its artistic conclusion is paramount. Students are challenged at all skill levels through trial and error, collaboration, revision and execution. The most up to date technology and state of the art facility allows students exposure to what is being used by industry professionals. The skills learned through this process can be applied to all aspects of life.

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  • Grades 7-8

    Advanced Garage Band
    Instructor approval is needed to enroll in this course. Alongside an ensemble of select musicians/vocalists, students in Advanced Garage Band perform contemporary popular music. Students should be familiar with "contemporary" popular music of both the U.S. and abroad, proficient with a primary instrument, and in some cases a secondary instrument and/or vocal. Students will increase their understanding of basic improvisation and how it relates to the song's chord changes, applying the vocabulary of music criticism to the material. Above all, students will learn to express and excel in their musical talents within an environment of an encouraging mentor.
    Grade Level: 7-8
    Prerequisite: Audition and teacher approval
    Advanced Visual Arts
    Advanced Institute of Arts & Writing visual arts students apply effective visual communication and technical skills to the creation of their artworks. Additionally, students are encouraged to explore the principles of design, study the work of famous artists, and develop a series of related works to express a personal statement. Students enrolled in Advanced Art Institute will also apply aesthetic criticism to create reasoned arguments about artistic value, which can be applied to the works they create as well as the works of others.
    Grade Level: 7-8
    Prerequisite: Portfolio and teacher approval
    In this course students will be introduced to the systems engineering process to develop objectives, define requirements, and plan the construction of material solutions of projects. Project management principles will also be incorporated for students to experience controlling cost, schedule, and performance criteria. Students will perform computer aided drafting utilizing industry standard software, SolidWorks, to develop 3-D models. Analysis and coding will be performed utilizing the Matlab software suite. No prior experience with any of the above material is required.
    Grade Level: 7-8
  • Grade 8

    Spanish 1
    Spanish 1 is a comprehensive beginning course in which the student achieves facility in all aspects of listening, understanding, speaking, writing, and reading of the first-year lessons. Idiomatic expressions and verb conjugations are stressed in addition to other grammatical concepts. Hispanic history and civilization are introduced in conjunction with customs as a supplement to the text.
    Grade Level: 8
    Prerequisite: None
    (Note: Spanish 1 is a mixed grade level Middle School/Upper School course)
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