Upper School Athletics


Department Philosophy

Physical activity, whether individual or organized, can have a tremendously positive impact on a student’s wellbeing. The department promotes the development of leaders, team players and lifelong learners. Other goals include the following:
  • To provide physical activity essential to optimum growth and development
  • To provide a wide range of sports/activities that will contribute to the pursuit of a lifelong healthy lifestyle
  • To provide opportunities for physical, mental, and social development through teamwork, strategizing, conditioning, practices, and competitive games
  • To provide a learning environment to strengthen work ethic, accountability, sportsmanship, and discipline
  • To provide opportunities for individual sports/activities

Competition melds together physical potential and capabilities in a positive, meaningful way. Neither winning nor losing is at the heart of the class, but rather building character, self-confidence, along with physical and mental stamina. The student is expected to put forth real effort and to participate with passion and purpose. Our goal is not to identify winners but to make winners of students on and off the field or court.

Physical Education

The course will emphasize physical conditioning, knowledge of muscle groups, appropriate stretching techniques and basic knowledge of team and individual sports. Content will focus on the five components of a healthy lifestyle; cardio- vascular, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Students will gain a working knowledge of wellness, fitness and lifestyle management.

Team Manager

TVT recognizes that there are a number of ways for a student to be involved in and benefit from athletics as part of their education. Being a team manager involves the student in the team through score keeping, practice set-up, videotaping, equipment management, and other responsibilities. Students may sign up to be a team manager to fulfill a season of sport credit for the graduation requirement.

Independent Study Physical Education (ISPE)

  • Independent Study Physical Education provides students an opportunity to receive Athletics/PE credit outside of TVT. This course is for the following students:
  • Students that are state or regionally ranked athletes.
  • Students participating in an advanced sport/activity we are not currently offering.
  • Students with medical conditions.
The student will participate in the sport/activity for a minimum of eight hours per week. In addition, the student will participate in a minimum of four competitions for the semester.

CIF Sports

Fall Winter Spring
Cross Country Boys Soccer Baseball
Girls Tennis Girls Soccerr Boys Tennis
Girls Volleyball Boys Basketball Golf
Girls Basketball Softball
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