It's a Thankful Time in Kindergarten

Thanksgiving in Kindergarten, expressing gratitude and being thankful, is something we appreciate. 

Our Kindergarten children were involved in fun activities including making their very own Todah (thank you) placemat to use on their Thanksgiving table.  Holidays give us an excellent opportunity to share traditions and stories with the children.

We are also thankful for our next Holiday, Hanukkah, and we are now busy preparing for our Kindergarten Hanukkah performance, “The Festival of Lights”! It brings us such joy hearing the children singing and dancing Hanukkah songs with a big smile on their faces. They also love to listen to Hanukkah stories and become familiar with Antiochus (the evil king) and the brave Maccabees. Lighting the Hanukkiah for eight nights reminds us of the miracle of the oil for the menorah that lasted eight days.  A favorite song in Kindergarten is “Spinning the Dreidel” (sevivon), the Kindergarteners can be heard shouting the name of each Hebrew letter that it lands on.

So much excitement and happiness ringing through the classes. We are all so THANKFUL for our sweet children, and to be able to celebrate these special holidays together!

Happy Hanukkah!  
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