We are an inclusive Jewish school of inquiry and innovation where academics are important and character is paramount.


As remarkable as the academics are at TVT, we understand the importance of educating the whole child.  Character is paramount and equally important are the values that are being taught, the sense of pride that is instilled and the community culture that is nurtured. Integrated into every aspect of the TVT experience are core values:

Truth (Emet)
Respect (Kavod)  
Kindness (Chesed)
Repair the World (Tikkun Olam)
Justice (Tzedek)
Community (Klal Yisrael)

TVT Educational Philosophy

At TVT, we provide a college preparatory education rooted in our Jewish values of caring for the community, justice, kindness, respect, truth, and repairing the world (tikkun olam). We know that joyful learning today leads to meaningful achievements tomorrow, so to spark and kindle this joy, we are guided by our beliefs that:
  • positive student-teacher relationships are a source from which learning begins, and they provide models for healthy relationships going forward; 
  • good character is as important as strong intellect, so we interweave both, cultivating students' ethical values in concert with our academic program; 
  • educating students according to their individual needs and abilities allows them to flourish developmentally; 
  • setbacks, especially those born of educational risk-taking, are opportunities for growth; 
  • hands-on learning bridges the gap between theory and practice, motivating students to see the practical applications of their education and to become more self-directed learners; 
  • when students enter the decision-making process, they become more engaged and responsible citizens; 
  • service to others enhances our lives, engendering compassion and meaning, so our curriculum is imbued with service-learning opportunities; 
  • our community is strengthened when we partner with families who share our philosophy and who are committed to supporting their children's growth; 
  • Judaism means many things to our students and families, so we proudly celebrate it as a source of identity, values, spiritual meaning, intellectual discipline, tradition, and community.


 TVT is devoted to building a pluralistic, educational community where mutual respect is essential, as is the dedication to Klal Yisrael (unity of all Jewish people). Students are taught about the spectrum of Jewish practice, values and beliefs in an environment that supports their own journey of exploration.
TVT recognizes that there is a variety of religious beliefs and perspectives that result in different forms of religious practice. As a pluralistic school, TVT believes that it is important to appreciate and honor these different approaches, to be respectful of them, and to educate our students as to their existence, origins and place within the Jewish community and our heritage.

We do not present any one philosophy, belief or perspective as being the “correct” one or the “authentic” one. Students learn that there are different approaches and answers to the question, “What does Judaism say about …?”

We strive to create an environment where students are all welcomed and included in the greater community. We encourage critical thinking, questioning and careful analysis of the broad variety of options while students each choose their own path. 

Our approach to the diversity within TVT’s community is one that will enable us to Love Learning, Live Values and Discover Heritage.
TVT Community Day School is a TK-12 Independent Community Day School in Irvine, CA
Founded in Loving Memory of Naomi Gelman Weiss