Financial Assistance

Our Financial Assistance programs reflect TVT's philosophy of encouraging all families who want a Jewish education for their children to apply to the school. Financial assistance awards are based on demonstrated and documented financial need.
TVT appreciates and understands the significant sacrifice and financial investment each family makes in their children’s education at our school. TVT seeks to enroll students that will contribute to and flourish in our community regardless of their family's financial standing and is committed to sustaining a financial assistance program to enroll students from all socioeconomic backgrounds.  
Families seeking assistance are required to submit financial information annually through ISM FAST, an objective third-party assessment service.  

List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • How do I apply for financial assistance?

    Please find detailed instructions here. 
  • Does applying for financial assistance affect an application for admission?

    TVT does not use financial capacity as a consideration in determining a student’s eligibility for admission. The Admission Committee considers each applicant without knowing whether the applicant's family is applying for financial assistance. Once the  Admission Committee makes a decision, the Financial Assistance Committee reviews the financial assistance application.
  • How is financial assistance awarded?

    In an effort to provide a uniform and objective evaluation of applications, TVT utilizes the services of ISM FAST, an organization dedicated to objectively establishing financial profiles of its applicants for the purpose of assessing financial assistance needs. Each applicant family is required to complete the FAST application, provide the requested documents, and pay the required processing fee. The Financial Assistance Committee uses FAST and related information in determining a family’s capacity to pay tuition but recognizes that FAST is not a perfect indicator of need nor a substitute for professional judgment that may be applied as facts and circumstances warrant. 
  • How does TVT determine need?

    In fairness to all families requesting financial assistance, TVT considers all financial information including lifestyle choices to assess the level of need for financial assistance. 
  • Does tuition assistance cover any additional student fees?

    The following fees are reduced based on the % of financial assistance awarded:  
    • Grade level Activity fees 
    • Learning Center fees 
    • Athletic fees
  • What happens if parents are divorced, separated, or remarried?

    TVT believes that all parents have a moral and ethical obligation to contribute to the expense of educating their children, whether or not they have the legal obligation to do so. The assets and income of all parents are required for consideration in making a financial assistance award. All parents are expected to submit a FAST application and required documents to the ISM FAST website. If either parent is remarried, the needs analysis considers the assets and earnings of the stepparent in conjunction with the primary parent, keeping in mind the stepparent’s responsibility for his or her own children.
  • What if the custodial parent has no contact with the non-custodial parent?

    If the non-custodial parent has no contact with the custodial parent or the student(s) [their child(ren)], or it is not in the best interest of the student, the requirement of financial aid forms from the non-custodial parent may be waived. The guiding principle is based on “lack of contact” for a period of time, which must be proved by the custodial parent. A letter of verification from a third party, (i.e. attorney, social worker, etc.) will be required. 
  • If a family receives a financial aid award the first year, will they expect approximately the same level of aid in future years?

    Financial assistance must be separately applied for each year. TVT understands the importance of continuity in a child’s education. However, with limited funds available for financial assistance as well as evolving families’ financial needs, it is impossible to guarantee a continuance of financial assistance. When the school provides the initial year’s financial assistance for a student, it is the school’s expectation that it will try to maintain a similar level of financial support for that student throughout the student’s entire time at TVT, given a consistent level of demonstrated parental financial need. 
  • What if there is an unexpected change in financial circumstances after financial assistance has been awarded? 

    If an unexpected financial change occurs which results in an increase in a family’s financial assistance needs (such as divorce, loss of job, investment losses, etc.), the parent may request an award reconsideration by completing an appeal request and providing supporting documentation. 
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