Does this describe you? If so, you should get involved with TVT’s Innovation programs. Devoted faculty with deep expertise in their field stand ready to help you not only achieve your goals and dreams but to break through barriers you might not even be aware exist. Innovation programs are specialized courses and other opportunities whose goal is to help young learners see connections between different fields, solve complex problems and develop their passions. Upon graduation, the student who took full advantage of these programs should be ready to achieve their longest-term goals, to see their personal mission as part of the ever-evolving story of humanity, and be claimed by broader traditions.

Innovation at TVT is at the heart of TVT’s commitment to preparing students for the ongoing challenges of the 21st century. More than an academic department or stand-alone program, its work represents a transformative understanding of the nature of education across the whole scope of TVT’s program, working not just with students and their learning but also faculty professional development and community engagement. 

Innovation integrates signature programs in engineering, science, mathematics, and film with TVT’s core curriculum. This gives students the opportunity to combine their learning in creative ways that uniquely reflect TVT’s culture. Students from TK through grade 12 also have numerous opportunities to explore topics in innovative learning in our Explore Afterschool Enrichment Program, which features programs in technology, robotics, design, visual arts, molecular gastronomy, and others.' 
Curiosity, passion and opportunity coalesce in TVT’s Innovation programming. They represent our commitment to help you prepare for an extraordinary life!

Science and Technology

Innovation programs in Arts/Creativity, Explore Afterschool Enrichment Program, Experiential Education, Science and Technology utilize project-based learning, experiential techniques and interdisciplinary strategies to allow students to learn by doing, express themselves as scientists, programmers, writers, musicians, engineers, entrepreneurs, dancers, film-makers and game designers. By breaking down the barriers between disciplines, Innovation programs allow the creative student to express their creativity in state-of-the-art makerspaces, kitchens and science labs, the mathematically minded student to deploy her incisive mind to solving complex puzzles and the film-making guru to learn how to collaborate effectively.

Explore Afterschool Enrichment Program

From K to grade 12, opportunities exist for students to explore passions in a wide range of programs in Art, Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Games. Innovation programs are designed by driven and engaged faculty to reach students where they are and push them to greater and greater creativity and critical thinking.

Lower School students are given choices that range from Instrumental Music, Dance, Interactive Arts, Fabric Arts, and Creative Writing in the Creative spheres. In Science and Engineering, these students have the chance to join the Math Olympiad, Club Invention, Ecology, and Gardening and to do real research in our Research 101 and Advanced Research courses.

Applying Innovation Through Engineering, Science and Technology

Applied innovation programming at TVT responds to the critical demand in American society for students trained in the cross-disciplinary practices that drive 21st-century thinking, learning, and work. Bill Gates has said that "[these programs] can resurrect the spirit of innovation and economic vitality that has been so important to our prosperity for more than a century".

TVT’s commitment to these kinds of programs can be seen in its after-school offerings for LS, MS and US students, for example. It can also be seen in the way our Lower School teachers integrate Computer Science concepts and skills into the rest of their curriculum. We see it in the ways our faculty approach teaching and learning every day.

We also see it in our Upper School Entrepreneurship program and in our four year Upper School program in Engineering that can lead to students being prepared to make submissions to the Intel Competition.
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