1st Grade Explores Beyond our Backyard

First graders have been busy exploring maps to better understand their presence and impact in their city, state, country, continent, and the world. 

The “Me on the Map” unit is an introduction to maps and shows children how easy it is to find their location starting with their classroom and ending with their location on planet Earth, and everywhere in between! This connection will build an understanding of what lies beyond their backyard!

Over the past few weeks, first graders have explored concepts such as maps, map keys, compass roses, and globes. They have even spent time drawing various maps of their bedrooms and classrooms on their own! It has brought us such pride to see their excitement and wonder when discussing the world around us. The students have even gained a new perspective of their immediate community and who is a part of it. We have concluded our maps study in the first grade with pinpointing a dream destination!
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