I Can Do It!

Confidence is built with many small steps and a few courageous leaps.

At TVT the Physical Education department is looking to make build each students confidence with each activity. Nothing shines a brighter light on the building of confidence among the student body more than our Rock Climbing unit.

All across our beautiful lower school campus is an opportunity for our students to challenge their climbing ability. From the two rock walls in the gym, the formation outside of the library, the geometric climbing structure, all the way down to the Kindergarten playground. Each of these areas offers a different level of challenge as our students progress through their careers at TVT. In PE we encourage each student to challenge themselves when using these great areas. For some, that means that they get their feet off the ground and take a step up on the wall. For others, it is taking the hardest route possible up the wall.

Regardless of ability, each student has the opportunity to build in their confidence in what they can accomplish. In some way, it also plants an “I can do it!” seed that can be a catalyst for courage in other areas of their life.
TVT Community Day School is a TK-12 Independent Community Day School in Irvine, CA
Founded in Loving Memory of Naomi Gelman Weiss