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Monthly Hebrew Song Goes Viral at TVT

The monthly song in Hebrew, called "SHEVET ACHIM V'ACHAYOT" (Tribes of Brothers and Sisters) spread throughout TVT, school-wide.
Students, K-12, and even many parents picked up the song, quickly, and they expressed happiness about the song and its meaning. Parents singing a Hebrew song is the best way to make it a sure hit, and in no time they reported that their student is singing the song in the shower.  Click HERE to listen.

The song was produced by Galgalatz (The Army Radio) and was published in April 2019 during the intermediate days of Passover. The words were written by Doron Medley and the melody by Idan Raichel. The declared goal of its creators was to create a connection and unity within the people in Israel.

The video was produced and directed by Erez Dan Productions, a collage of all the participating artists, each photographing himself in a location of particular significance to him in Israel. The President of Israel, Mr. Reuven Rivlin, took part in the photographs and said, "I am excited to take part in this project, which in my opinion is the voice of the people ... The combination of the best of our creators from all the tribes of Israel, brothers, and sisters, makes a statement. I congratulate all those who participated in this beautiful idea, which has hope, hope, and unity - for all of us. "

Click HERE to read the lyrics.
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