Repairing the World, One Mask at a Time

TVT seventh grader, Liz H., and her family heard about the coming wave of Covid cases around the holidays and jumped into action.
Using her TVT education and values, Liz secured a donation of 3,000 cloth, reusable masks for the TVT community. Liz stated, “I want to make sure our TVT community is safe from the most recent wave of cases and to participate in tikkun olam – repairing the world”. While meeting with Head of School, Dr. Davis, Liz and her family asked about donating an additional 2,000 masks to local assisted living facilities. We love when our students embrace our values and put their TVT lessons to work in the community. Thanks Liz!
TVT Community Day School is a TK-12 Independent Community Day School in Irvine, CA
Founded in Loving Memory of Naomi Gelman Weiss