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    • TVT Intensive Program

High school students with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities need a place where they can get individualized instruction in a safe and positive learning environment to maximize their potential, as well as a chance to acquire good values and social opportunities to give them a positive outlook on life. TVT’s Intensive Program (IP) gives students below their grade level academically a chance to work on functional academic skills, life skills and social skills while enjoying inclusion in TVT’s wide array of non-academic programs and social activities with their peers.
The ultimate goal of the IP is to give students the tools to live independently or semi-independently upon completion of the program by helping them prepare for post-secondary education at a community college and vocational transition. To accomplish that objective, the functional academic program is designed to challenge but not overwhelm students, integrate the students into the high school experience, give them knowledge and awareness of TVT's mission and values, imbue a strength/interest for vocational transition in the students and provide as much independence as possible in all areas (academic, social and personal).

List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • Who is eligible for the IP program?

    Students considered for the program have mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. They may have diagnoses of ADD/ADHD, speech and language disorders, processing disorders, dyslexia, multiple learning differences, specific learning disabilities and learning delays. Prospective IP students should have minimum levels of academic achievement, which indicates success in past learning environments and have no history of behavioral problems. They are interested in the learning process, exemplifying curiosity and motivation, and can work in group situations with minimal distraction to themselves and others. They also have an ability to independently perform all activities of daily living. Students who function at a 1st to 6th grade academic level and meet the admissions requirements are eligible for the program, which is available to students in grades 8 through 12.
  • What is the classroom environment like?

    A low student-teacher ratio enables small group and one-on-one instruction. Instead of taking core academic classes in traditional classrooms, IP students take courses in the IP classroom with a designated teacher who individually tailors course load and content to each student. Elective classes for the IP students, such as dance, art, and sports, may be taken with the general student body in the traditional TVT program. Curriculum, which is individualized to match each student's ability level, includes select classes with inclusive, individualized curriculum and individualized educational support and resources for students with significant learning differences and challenges. The IP is open to students of all faiths with an understanding that Jewish values are a big focus of this full-day program that fosters growth and provides a learning environment supporting the individual needs of all students.

    IP students are integrated as much as possible into the life of the diverse school community while receiving unique, intensive, individualized instruction using research-based methodologies. Students can choose to participate in sports, clubs and other activities offered by the school. Peer mentors called Chesed Friends aid this inclusion and help integrate students into Upper School experiences.
  • Will my child be involved in day to day activities?

    Chesed Friends, the TVT mentor program, gives IP students an opportunity to become part of the TVT community. Students will become as integrated as possible into the total life of the school through participation in general education classes and campus activities. Aiding this path of inclusion, selected students act as academic role models to create positive study skills, assist in one- on-one tutoring and accompany students to classes. These mentors facilitate social participation by eating lunch and attending school functions with the IP students. The program benefits the students and the mentors, teaching the mentors patience, character, tolerance, compassion and respect and the ability to encourage the rest of the student body to accept the IP students.
  • Is the TVT IP program diploma bound?

    No, students earn a Certificate of Completion representing the completion of a four-year modified program upon finishing their approved curriculum. Transcripts for students in the IP will note that the student earned a Differential Standard Diploma from TVT. IP graduates will not be eligible to apply and transfer directly from TVT to a traditional four-year college or university.
"“The inclusive nature of the school and the dedication to creating a diverse student body that embraces the ideals of Judaism means that children with significant learning challenges have an opportunity to learn in an environment that is specifically modeled around their unique educational requirements.”

-- Scott Gladstone, TVT parent
“Many families in Orange County are faced with the daunting challenge of finding a safe, nurturing, developmentally and academically appropriate school that will meet the special needs of their child. Research shows that educational interventions – such as the Intensive Program (IP), which provide individualized instruction and self-advocacy training – can make a tremendous difference in the academic trajectories of youth with special needs.”

--Dr. Richard Arum, TVT Board of Trustees, Dean of UCI School of Education
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